The Elite Gentlemen Consortium

A Powerhouse of Excellence

Who We Are

The Elite Gentlemen Consortium, Inc. is an after school program established to change the lives of young males ages 10 to 18 years old. We are dedicated to removing the negative social and bad behavior labels attached to young men by exposing them to brands of high personal standards and elite expectations. We encourage our young men to accept responsibility and accountability for their own personal development, to make positive choices, to develop healthy work habits and to DREAM beyond the walls of their current situation. Services include after school support  focused on leadership development, entrepreneurial exposure, academic enrichment activities and personal and social development skills. We provide free services and create opportunities for males to participate in activities that would otherwise be unavailable to them. Studies show that intervention in the lives of these young men makes a difference.  EGC  has provided opportunities to more than 700 male students with the highest percentage being African American and Latino males. We are proud to foster the next generation of "Elite Gentlemen". 

Personal Development

Empowering Young Men For A Brighter Future 

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