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Business and Entrepreneur Training

The Elite Gentlemen Consortium partners with business and industry professionals to deliver real world information and advice for students in an ever changing environment. Guest speakers focus on developing students' business and entrepreneurial mindset using exercises and activities designed to stimulate student achievement.

Educating, Enriching and Enhancing the Lives of Young Men”

EGC is organized with a corporate structure which is managed by a Board of Directors and CEO. Students in the club are divided into three divisions with a student serving as President of the division. EGC utilizes creative partnerships with corporate leaders with the ultimate desired outcome of having young people more interested in self-employment as a career-option. Another key component involves mentoring from local corporate executives and entrepreneurs. Activities are designed to garner transferable business skills for both self- employment and the job market. Members participate in two Networking Seminars per year which include exchanging business cards and meeting with the executives. They also visit major corporations and attend corporate dinner meetings where they interact with business executives. Activities include business simulations, entrepreneur training and stock market portfolio training The Junior achievement Entrepreneur Training Curriculum, It’s My Career Program and staff development materials are used.

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