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The Elite Gentlemen Consortium

Empowering Male Students for A brighter Future.

Educating, Enriching,& Enhancing the lives of young men.
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Academic Training
Personal / Social Development

EGC sets high standards for members of the organization with the use of positive role
models, mentoring, collaborative partnerships and fiscal operations.

The Elite Gentlemen Consortium partners with business and industry professionals to deliver real world information and advice for students in an ever changing environment. 

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Entrepreneur Training

The Elite Gentlemen Consortium is open to any male student who attends a participating school. Special consideration is given to students who are referred to the organizations by staff or parents due to poor academic performance, discipline issues or other factors that renders the student at-risk for failure.

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Conduct and behavior of consortium members are monitored by performance contracts. Members
must follow the School Wide Discipline Plan as outlined in the school’s agenda. Participants
are also required to sign a Performance Agreement which outlines performance criteria,
standards of behavior expectations and conduct.

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Today's Students. Tomorrow's Leaders

Excellence is Key. We help our young men set a  solid foundation to help prepare them for a brighter future.


EGC- Strong passionate men providing timely engagement and opportunities for young men. Have A successful school year !

Rose Wilkins

Atlanta, GA

I want to thank everyone who played a part in my son's time in EGC while at CMS, and then last year at CHS. I am very sad that EGC has been discontinued at CHS this year. It meant a lot to my son.

Rita Ivey

Under my leadership and the direction of two phenomenally dedicated adults, EGC started on the campus of Campbell Middle School to help young boys become responsible and productive young men making a difference in their school and community. It has grown to impact the lives of elementary, middle, and high school students who may have otherwise selected a darker path. The strong positive relationships and interactions with successful men from the business community promoted confidence, hope, and a social responsibility and maturity with the young boys that did not previously exist. Young boys matured and accepted the change of being well groomed, articulate, educated young gentlemen with a great future. EGC continues to impact the lives of young boys in our schools!

Denise Magee

Principal, Lindley Sixth Grade Academy

The Elite Gentleman’s Club (EGC), has a powerful impact on the young men that actively participate in the program at Campbell Middle School.  EGC provides mentorship and behavioral guidance for the students, which is greatly needed at this point in their lives.  Because the students must maintain positive behavior to remain in the program,  they understand the importance of goal setting and personal accountability. Another great benefit of the program is the focus they place on having the students plan for the future through an active exposure to college and career opportunities.  We are very proud to have the EGC program at Campbell Middle because we know the program makes a positive difference in the lives of our students. 

Jonathan Tanner

Principal, Campbell Middle

The Elite Gentlemen's Consortium provides a place for boys to become young men. The program provides opportunities of growth for the young men , by providing guest speakers and a curriculum that can be changed to fit our school and individual students. The club helps young men gain confidence and a sense of pride that overflows into all areas of their life. The young men walk with their chest out a little bit more when they feel they are becoming ELITE.

Andrew Scotchlas

8th Grade Physical Science Teacher @ Griffin Middle School

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