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Personal and Social Development

The Elite Gentlemen Consortium is open to any male student who attends a participating school. Special consideration is given to students who are referred to the organizations by staff or parents due to poor academic performance, discipline issues or other factors that renders the student at-risk for failure. However, schools have the flexibility of selecting specific students for the program.

Conduct and behavior of club members are monitored by performance contracts. Members
must follow the School Wide Discipline Plan as outlined in the school’s agenda. Participants
are also required to sign a Performance Agreement which outlines performance criteria,
standards of behavior expectations and conduct. EGC uses the School Scrimmage ®
Personal Development Curriculum as the instructional tool for middle and high school
students. This program utilizes terminology and fundamental principles of popular sports
to develop and enhance positive social skills and performance. . Activities to enhance the
student’s awareness of factors that contribute to their emotional, social and physical growth
are emphasized.

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